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Jamie DelToro

School of Education

Jamie's commitment to becoming a teacher stems from the positive impact that her teachers had on her—she wants to make a difference in the lives of children, too. By studying at Pace, Jamie is getting the education and support she needs to do just that. Her internship, mentoring, and leadership roles, and the opportunity to learn teaching techniques before ever stepping into a classroom, are giving her an invaluable real-world understanding of her chosen career.

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Emily Latainer

Program Manager, Latino U College Access

Where better for a student passionate about teaching to intern than with an organization passionate about all students having access to learning? Jamie works with Latainer to prepare for events that assist families with their college and funding applications. She finds it incredibly fulfilling to be helping so many bright and ambitious young people obtain education beyond high school.

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Virtual-Reality Classroom

Well-prepared teachers are critical to student success. At Pace, students begin their teaching as early as their first year using TeachLivE™ Labs, mixed-reality classrooms with avatar students who behave just like a regular classroom. One of the first colleges in the US to use this cutting-edge technology and currently the only school in the NYC area preparing students with it, Pace gives students the ability to practice teaching and management skills in an environment that doesn’t place real students at risk.

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Teach Talks

As well as helping social events to run smoothly, Jamie also leads academic events. Teach Talks, inspired by Ted Talks, is a series of presentations and discussions delivered by students and faculty. Every meeting is different, and covers a timely topic, from teaching recent history such as 9/11 to changes in legislation.

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Student Development and Campus Activities

Jamie credits a lot of her growth at Pace to her role in the Office of Student Development and Campus Activities. She has organized and assisted with a variety of events, from Homecoming bonfires to Greek Life charity galas. But no event quite sums up her view of life here better than the world record attempt for hugs on campus—Pace University is now second in the entire country. Jamie’s going for gold next year!

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Niki Fjeldal

Associate Director of Orientation and Transitions

Fjeldal is Jamie's boss at the Office of Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA), home to Pleasantville Campus' social masterminds and the team dedicated to honing leadership development skills. Between the fundraisers, record-breaking attempt for most hugs on campus, and event planning, Fjeldal is helping Jamie to develop a big picture of her future and plan how to get there.

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Orientation Leaders

These helpful on-boarders are here to make sure new students feel settled, safe, and supported, and to induct them into the Pace Community. This is something Jamie experienced in her first year and she wanted to make the same positive difference to other students’ college experiences.

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Gabriel Solano

Solano was Jamie's Orientation Leader (OL) when she first came to campus. He has encouraged Jamie to not only pursue greatness in her education, but to also pursue every goal she has for her life.

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"Pace is making sure it's putting the best teachers out there through a high quality education, great facilities and resources, and by setting the perfect example of what excellent teaching is."