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Ava Posner

Information Technology
Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

Ava is working day-in, day-out to gain the skills and build the network she needs to land a job with a top tech start-up. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, she’s incredibly passionate about raising the profile and supporting the success of women in technology, and has the backing of many inspiring, professional women, to help her do just that. Ava is learning from leading IT academics, and has had the opportunity to apply her growing knowledge on a number of real-world projects during her internships and on global academic assignments.

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Pace Computing Society

Ava is the secretary of the Pace Computing Society. Every week, she gets together with her peers to discover what’s new via a panel discussion, Tech Talk or workshop. Through this innovation association, Ava has been to many presentations by inspiring start-ups, tested her talents at challenging hackathons sponsored by Fortune 500 companies, and attended networking and knowledge events around New York City.

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Jonathan Hill, DPS

Dean of Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, and Leader of the
New York City Design Factory

Dean Hill knows both the academic and professional sides of Ava. He's an important support figure for her—and vice versa. In fact, she is the NYC project lead and office manager for the Design Factory, a consortium of universities from around the world who come together to tackle real-world projects and promote design thinking. This is an exciting environment for Ava to immerse herself in all things technology, learning and leading in equal measure.

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is used to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects, from goods in stores to wristbands at theme parks. The details of Ava and Dr . Sarris’ project are hush-hush but it will be used by retailers to enhance point-of-sale customer experience. This type of experience galvanizes students and leaves them industry-savvy, inspired, fearless and focused.

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Stacey Sarris

Lecturing Clinical Professor, User Experience

As Ava's UNV101 lecturer, Professor Sarris got to know Ava very well. She quickly recognized that Ava would make a great intern at her company where she would be able to channel her enthusiasm, make a difference on a real-world project and bring a product to market. Ava's relationship with Sarris and internship experience are broadening her horizons and building her business acumen and client management skills.

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Women in Technology

The technology industry has a disproportionately high male workforce. People like Ava are changing this, with the help of prominent female tech gurus, such as Dr . Sarris and Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg. Ava can often be found organizing, championing and attending events that motivate women to smash through that glass ceiling, including the NYC Lean-In Circle Chapter meeting, Women in Technology at Pace (WIT@Pace), and Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

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Briana Vecchione

Microsoft Civic Tech Fellow, NASA Datanaut, and Seidenberg School of CSIS alumna

Since graduating from Pace, Vecchione has secured a job at Microsoft. This achievement, as well as her knowledge, passion, and commitment to returning to Pace to help undergraduates, makes her an inspiring role model and mentor for Ava. Vecchione is an important person in her network, connecting her to potential opportunities and advising her on navigating the tech industry.

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Olga Bogomolova

Seidenberg Program Manager and Director of NYC Design Factory

Pace University opens doors for students all over the world through university partnerships and volunteer and travel opportunities. In October 2016, Ava and Bogomolova visited Finland to collaborate on the first stage of a real-life, commercial project . Bogomolova worked with and supported Ava through this eye-opening experience where her teamwork skills and knowledge were put to the test, and her understanding of the global economy was enhanced.

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"I love being around technology. I love meeting people in the industry. I love being surrounded by women in technology. Pace opens doors that make all this happen—I cannot imagine attending any other university."